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Published: 4 years ago

Asparagus with Orange Glaze


1/2 cup of Fresh Orange Juice

1 zest of Orange

1 tbs of Sugar

1 tbs of minced Ginger

2 tbs of light Soy Sauce

1 pound of Asparagus.

1tbs of butter


snap asparagusWash and snap the ends off the asparagus.  I know most people just bend the two ends of asparagus and let it snap. I personally find that it usually break it in the middle and half of the asparagus is wasted.  I snap it towards the end like the image shown on the left and found it very effective and not as wasteful.

Mix the orange juice, sugar, ginger and light soy sauce together.  Make sure the asparagus is dry and place the asparagus in to the marinade.  Toss the asparagus in the marinade till the asparagus is nicely covered.

Turn on the stove and in the pan melt the butter. Make sure to just melt the butter and not let it brown. Place the asparagus and marinade in to the pan.  Cook the asparagus for around 10 minutes in medium high heat.  Once the asparagus is cooked remove the asparagus and if needed reduce the sauce in the pain a bit more and then pour the sauce over the asparagus.

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